Kanishk Thareja

Software Engineer and Web Developer

About Me

Hi. I'm a technocrat studying Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, United States. I was born and brought up in Gurgaon India, which is an upcoming Tech-city and did my schooling from The Shri Ram School Aravali, one of the most prestigious schools in India. Everything about Technology fascinates me and though my expertize lie in Frontend Mobile and Web Development, I'm always open to learn new things. Besides this, I'm an ardent MUNer and I love playing and watching almost all sports. Feel free to get in touch with me as I'm always looking to work on new projects.


Software Engineering Intern, Yahoo-CA

Worked full stack within the Flurry SDK team. Primarily responsible to re-design the cache and memory management of the SDK that led to almost 2x better results. Also added various features to the iOS SDK and contributed to production code that was shipped immediately

Software Enginnering Intern, John Deere-IL

Created a comprehensive backend system using Parse API and the networking layer in the iOS Application for a prominent John Deere application. Role included writing complete Cloud Code (JavaScript) to enable query based endpoints, push notifications and background jobs.

Application Developer at IBM, India

I worked in the Mobile Department with a team of highly motivated programmers. Primary worked with Android Development making both Native and Hybrid (Cross-Platform) Applications using Phonegap (Cordova) platform and IBM's Worklight platform. I learnt about various JavaScipts libraries and worked intensively with jQuery Mobile and also got an insight into Cloud computing based applications and worked on a project using IBM's Bluemix cloud platform.

My Projects


Tabit is an android-based application that uses an actual guitar to find the nodes being played by the user and displays it on the screen. It uses a shortest path program to ensure that the correct node is being displayed. The user can later either play the nodes again on his phone or edit them.


ChitChat is another android-based application that allows user to send a voice recording to another user. The voice recording can be played only for a fixed number of seconds after which it is deleted off the server. The app also has a fun feature of voice modulation that allows users to send their messages in the voice of many famous personalities.

IBM's Estimation Tool

IBM's Estimation Tool is a Hybrid Mobile application that I build during my internship. The basic purpose of the application was to estimation the effort of every project that IBM has to make and allocate resources accordingly. The most challenging part of the Application was the UI that needed to be Dynamic yet simple. Through this convenient application IBM was able to bypass the trouble of calculating through excel sheet and quickly analyze the resources it needed for a project.

Please feel free to go through the source code of the above and many more of my upcoming projects through my GitHub Handle.


2103, 309 East Green Street,
Champaign, Illinois

My Resume

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